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Shoulder Pad for Ø15mm rods

  • Denz Shoulder-Pad 301.0475

Shoulder Pad

The new semi open double clamp grasps two Ø 15mm rods and provides a save and rigid connection between shoulder pad and the rig. In order to quickly mount the rig on a tripod you only loosen the double clamp slightly and pull it right off. Four M5 threads and one ¼’’ thread offer quite a few possibilities to mount equipment like a magic arm and or radio systems. The cushioning is textured for improved grip and adapts to the users physique.

The pad can be used on the left as well as on the right shoulder. Three M5 threads positioned directly on the hard cover of the pad offer even more attachment points e.g. an extension for counter weight and/or battery mount.

€ 345.00
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301.0475 Shoulder Pad for Ø15mm rods € 345.00

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