Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ



PLC – Portable Lens Checker – Full frame lens test projector

The DENZ PLC is a LED projector for checking the resolution and the focal length of lenses right up to the full format. A precisely positioned and moveable new test slide (DENZ CHART) can be used to check the focal length of the lens. For this, the position is read directly from the dial to <0.
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King Peter – computer aided optical measuring system

King Peter provides exact measurements of the image sensor’s position in digital cameras—including the exact center, rotation around the optical axis, and any deviation of the chip relative to a perpendicualr image plane. King Peter can measure the location of the actual photosites.
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Director’s Viewfinder OIC 35-A

The Director's Viewfinder OIC 35-A is now in the DENZ line-up. Sophisticated optics inside dewarp the image of anamorphotic lenses, giving the user a firsthand impression of the Cinema-Format. In order to be able to use spherical lenses with this viewfinder it can be toggled between these 2 modes.
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Accessories for Arri Amira

Our new accessories for the ARRI AMIRA allows to mount the camera directly onto a tripod using the integrated dovetail or attach it to a carrying system (e.g. Easyrig)-.
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DENZ Lens Support Plates

All DENZ dove-tails plates (available lengths 325, 450 and 600mm) are extremely lightweight and allows for mounting the DENZ BP multi, or base plates of other manufactures. Other accessories, such as the DENZ lens support, the DENZ support slide or DENZ Carbon Fibre support rods can be mounted as well. All of these you can slide onto the dove-tail from front and back.
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DENZ DCB-90 301.0646


Upright framing becomes increasingly popular. Now, a 90° camera bracket, the DENZ DCB-90 is available. It mounts any digital camera at a 90° roll-angle on any tripod, dolly a.
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The new DENZHEAD has 180° of range and can be ordered in an advanced version that is prepared for lens motors.
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