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Products for Motion Pictures

Precision Parts Manufacturing

DENZ – the name for expertise in every area of camera accessories around the world.
DENZ means high product quality and outstanding professionalism.
But nevertheless, DENZ ist not only an enterprise for camera accessories and industrial manufacturing  but is backed by a special enterprising philosophy and our values that determine our daily activities and long lasting success.
Due to winter holidays offices are closed, 12/21/13 through 1/6/14.


Spiralkabel mit Hirose- (für Sony F5/F55) und Lemo-Stecker (für DENZ Start/Stopp-Handle).

Remote-Start/Stop for Sony PMW-F5 and -F55

Completing the Premium Universal Handle System Deluxes Start/Stop-function, the spiral cable for the Sony PMW-F5 and -F55 hits the market. Now, the Premium Universal Handle System can be used to trigger record without letting go of the handles.
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beheizbare Augenmuschel von Denz

Heated Eyecup

The Heated Eyecup is used to prevent eyepiece lenses from fogging up on a chilly film set. It has been newly developed regarding today´s field requirements. Thanks to the eyecup´s robust construction, broken heater rings now belong to the past.
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Denz - Objektivstütze-15mm - 301.0020

Lens-Support-Bracket "MAX" for Mounting on Ø15mm Rods

The DENZ Lens-Support-Bracket "Max" for mounting on Ø15mm Rods provides the user with a lockable hight-adjustment. It can be added to a rig at any time because it is inserted sideways and therefore not affected by other accessories. Die DENZ Objektivstütze zur Montage auf Ø15mm Rohren bietet dem Anwender jetzt auch bei diesem Rohrdurchmesser eine arretierbare Höheneinstellung.
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