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DENZ – the name for expertise in every area of camera accessories around the world.
DENZ means high product quality and outstanding professionalism.
But nevertheless, DENZ ist not only an enterprise for camera accessories and industrial manufacturing  but is backed by a special enterprising philosophy and our values thatdetermine our daily activities and long lasting success.


Sony PXW-FS7 DENZ Zubehör_NEW

Let’s start on 10th December!

DENZ can start with the delivery of the DENZ Sony PXW-FS7 Kit 10th Dezember. The lightweight kit puts the camera in the lowest possible position when carried on a shoulder. For mounting the kit on a tripod or similar device, the base plate is machined with all the mechanical interfaces necessary.
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DENZ NEW OIC-35-A_m_Objektiv01 301.0626

Director’s Viewfinder OIC 35-A

The Director's Viewfinder OIC 35-A is now in the DENZ line-up. Sophisticated optics inside dewarp the image of anamorphotic lenses, giving the user a firsthand impression of the Cinema-Format. In order to be able to use spherical lenses with this viewfinder it can be toggled between these 2 modes.
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DENZ NEW DCB-90 301.0646 (2)


Upright framing becomes increasingly popular. Now, a 90° camera bracket, the DENZ DCB-90 is available. It mounts any digital camera at a 90° roll-angle on any tripod, dolly a.
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