Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ

Products for Motion Pictures

Precision Parts Manufacturing

DENZ – the name for expertise in every area of camera accessories around the world.
DENZ means high product quality and outstanding professionalism.
But nevertheless, DENZ ist not only an enterprise for camera accessories and industrial manufacturing  but is backed by a special enterprising philosophy and our values thatdetermine our daily activities and long lasting success.



Accessories for Arri Amira

Our new accessories for the ARRI AMIRA allows to mount the camera directly onto a tripod using the integrated dovetail or attach it to a carrying system (e.g. Easyrig)-.
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King Peter – computer aided optical measuring system

King Peter provides exact measurements of the image sensor’s position in digital cameras—including the exact center, rotation around the optical axis, and any deviation of the chip relative to a perpendicualr image plane. King Peter can measure the location of the actual photosites.
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